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Custom Social:
(Em)powering the D2C Revolution

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ARROW - Audience Engine for Every Business (em)powered by AI


ARROW Audience Engine is a revolutionary SaaS advertising tool that delivers "Smart Audiences" for your on line ads.

Direct to Consumer Playbook

We work with fast growing direct to consumer brands to implement the "paid" playbook powered by ARROW. Email, social and search + operations, analytics and strategy.

Are You Our Customer?

We work with entrepreneurs and brands of all sizes.

D2C brands

Launching a Direct to Consumer brand? We have the technology, the playbook and the team to enable quick success and paid advertising that works.

eCommerce companies

Who is your target customer? We have thousands of high performing consumer profiles, ready to launch and start converting into customers now!

entrepreneurs/start ups

Thinking about your next raise? Custom Social will validate a reliable and dependable CPA and prove your customer acquisition efficiently and effectively.

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D2C Success

Here are a few e-commerce companies using ARROW and our playbook.

Let's Work Together

“We rely on Custom Social for quick growth!  Their team enabled us to shift to a 100% e-commerce business in 4 months

Diego Pekarek — Truth Treatments

“Using Custom Social tools we discovered high performing consumer segments that got us 6X ROAS in 2 weeks”

Made Here Team — Power Digital

“CSIO has provided us with valuable tools to discover new prime audiences with Facebook and Instagram to optimize marketing at the top of the funnel for our clients”

Ari Simchi — G8A Agency

“3X ROAS increase for the top of the funnel, testing over 1200 audience segments and 10% incremental lift in sales in Q4, thanks Custom Social!”

Mike McLoughlin — Echelon Bikes

What is an "Audience Engine" and why AI? Drop us a line and lets find out!

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We enable D2C brands to win on digital!